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Pond Elegance has enjoyed providing supplies for water gardens, ponds, and Koi fish to the Gulf Coast for TWO decades. During this time hundreds of ponds have been built and thousands of fish and plants have ended up at homes just like yours. We'll also provide as many resources for learning, as we can. Find out more about…
  • Koi
    Koi Fish are paramount to creating the ultimate serenity with your pond. It completes the preverbial feng shui to the surroundings. Pond Elegance has it's own nursery and can provide anything your fish may need. View our photo gallery of Koi fish to see samples of these"living jewels".
  • Supplies
    Are you already enjoying a peaceful lifestyle with your pond or need supplies to maintain your recently installed water garden? We also provide a complete line of pond maintenance and supplies for caring for your pond.

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